Jeff Ryan

Managing Principal
Director of Design

As Director of Design, Jeff provides design leadership across all markets that Christner serves. His experience spans complex commercial, S&T, educational and civic projects, reflecting his commitment to transformational design and ability to balance multiple perspectives and client needs. Jeff believes that great design should emerge from the unique circumstances of each project. These circumstances include site conditions, budgetary constraints, available technologies, and most importantly, the needs and aspirations of the client. Primary to his methodology is the creation of design principles that translate the client’s aspirations into design strategies. For every project, Jeff seeks a “sound building” solution and emphasizes the value of a sustainably designed environment as an instrument for user satisfaction and growth, user performance, and organizational success.

Jeff has led the design of numerous award-winning projects including the Danforth Plant Science Center Expansion and the Center of Creative Arts (COCA) Expansion and Renovation.