Christner Shareholders Front Row: Shanna Wiechel, Jeff White, Back Row (L-R): Bob Johnson, Ryan Kopp, Jeff Ryan, Liz Beeks, Steve Schaefer, and Stacey Wehe

Our Future

For over 60 years, Christner has been approaching each new challenge with open minds, a collaborative attitude, and an unrelenting commitment to quality. Now in our third generation of leadership, we honor the rich legacy of those that led the firm before us while forging a new path with diverse, passionate leadership propelling us to excellence.

As of 2018, Christner is a certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE). We have consciously transitioned to an ownership structure that is more inclusive of diverse perspectives and the full spectrum of talents that contribute to creating excellent projects. Our WBE distinction is a genuine reflection of not just our leadership, but our broader firm. Of our professional staff, 63% are female and 17% are under-represented minorities.

The Christner Partnership c. 1982

Our Legacy

Ted Christner founded Theodore Christner & Associates in 1963. Ted was the kind of architect who saw projects that others didn’t see and made them happen. He was a match maker between people and organizations, bringing them together to let them discover for themselves what he already knew. He was the force behind some of the most iconic projects in St. Louis – among others, approaching Forest Park Forever with the great idea of restoring the Jewel Box and turning it into a venue for special events. No matter the project, Ted was passionate about helping to preserve and enhance our community and its landmarks. His humble dedication to St. Louis has been a constant thread through the history of the firm. To this day, honoring Ted has always meant upholding his legacy of creating exceptional spaces that are imbued with meaning and purpose for our clients.

Our Culture

As architects, designers, and planners from diverse backgrounds, we share a universal commitment to doing exceptional work.
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