Welcome to our 2024 summer interns!

This summer, we welcomed four new interns who are working directly with the Christner team to support a variety of projects in our office. They will also be leading a research project to collect information on sustainable building, site, and interiors materials and compile them into a shared library. Our internship program provides students an opportunity for immersion in the working environment of a design firm committed to built work. We are excited for them to spend the summer with us!

Mason Burress just completed his first of two years in the Master of Architecture program at Washington University in St. Louis. He is interested in learning more about the design process and is specifically interested in Christner’s adaptive reuse projects. Designs that are compelling to Mason are those that become a part of and work with their context both environmentally and culturally. Fun fact: he is a member of an extremely exclusive weekly movie club.

Lindsay Thole is a student at Ball State University pursuing a degree in Architecture with a minor in Digital Design. She will be entering her fourth year of a five-year program this Fall. At Christner, Lindsay is excited to be making valuable contributions to real-world projects and learning from professionals beyond the scope of university. She is inspired by the fact that design as a concept never reaches an end point. Designs can always be improved and thus, are ever evolving. She finds it exciting to be a part of a community of designers, always on the brink of creating the next best thing. Fun fact: she has visited Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands!

Grace Provenzano just finished her third year as a Landscape Architecture student at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. She also has a minor in Digital Media. Grace is looking forward to working with professionals and learning about the internal workings of a design office. She also likes that her work will be used to help people and positively impact the community, which is a Christner principle that drew her to the firm. Grace said design inspires her because it is a practical application of art. It allows us to make something real that people can experience, but the level of detail and aesthetics allow it to be beautiful as well. Fun fact: Grace wants to learn how to surf! She has tried one time, and it was really difficult, but she loves the ocean and thinks it would be so fun to have as a hobby.

Trenton Clark is an upcoming junior at Washington University in St. Louis and is majoring in Architecture and minoring in Marketing. At Christner, he is looking forward to developing skills, both architecturally and fundamentally, that will allow him to educate others. Additionally, he is excited to go on project tours and be a part of the full design process working as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Trenton said design is inspiring to him in numerous ways because it is the silent, yet eloquent language of human ambition. His passion is deeply drawn to the way architecture encapsulates artistry, culture, history, and technology; telling stories of societies past era and molding those yet to come. Fun fact: Trenton is the first architecture student in America to be featured in WashU’s Make Way initiative.

From left to right: Lindsay Thole, Trenton Clark, Grace Provenzano, and Mason Burress