Reimagining a St. Louis landmark

Steinberg Rink and Pavilion

Forest Park Pavilion

St. Louis, MO

  • Athletics
  • Cultural
  • Renovation

Project Story

Since its opening in 1957, Steinberg Rink has provided ice skating memories for individuals and families, holding a nostalgic place in cultural memory. Many reminisce about the venue being the go-to place to ice skate in decades past, which also underwent experimentation during summer months with various activities, including shuffleboard, volleyball, square dancing, and roller skating. Christner is serving as the Project Prime and Architect-of-Record on the project.

  • Size

    27,600 SF

  • Status

    Est. Completion 2026

  • Design Architect

    Snow Kreilich Architects

The Work

The project’s vision reimagines the Steinberg area as a place for all-season fun that is equitably, environmentally, and economically sustainable and inspires a variety of structured and unstructured activities that are welcoming to all. In the winter, for example, visitors could see the addition of ice car bumping/curling, pond hockey and speed skating, and in the summer, the rink could offer roller skating, concerts and festivals. The design proposes restructuring the building to feature a party room, rinkside cafe, multipurpose room, rooftop terrace and rooftop cafe.

The current design concepts are the result of feedback from more than 3,300 people through stakeholder interviews, online surveys, social media outreach, and in-person open houses to gather community input.